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Chitral is the north-most district of Pakistan. Chitral is one of the largest district of NWFP provinces, which consist of two tehsils of Chitral and Mastuj. Khowar is the language spoken by the people of Chitral....

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Photo collection of beautifull valleys Garam Chashma, Buni, Bumboret , Rumbur, Kalash, Ayun, Koghozi, Birir, Izh, Kosht,Moroi, Reshun, Mastuj, Torkhow, Mulkhow, Brep, Shandur, Pictures....

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Join Chitrali chatroom, chat with chitral people in Knowar lanague. Get in touch with chitrali around the world. ....

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Chitrali newspapers for information on local issues and politics.Your source for the latest breaking news.....

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